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  •     Patience Brewster
          Big Dasher 31 cm
          Big Donna 31 cm
          Big Vixen 31 cm
          Medium Prancer 17 cm
          Medium Blitzen 17 cm
          Medium Dancer 17 cm
          Medium Cupid 17 cm
          Medium Dasher 17 cm
          Dash Away Mini Dancer 13 cm
          Mini Prancer 13 cm
          Dash Away Mini Donna 13 cm
          Moonbeam Blitzen mini 12 cm
          Moonbeam Dasher mini 12 cm
          Moonbeam Comet mini 12 cm
          Moonbeam Vixen mini 12 cm
          Moonbeam Donna mini 12 cm
          Moonbeam Dancer mini 12 cm
          Moonbeam Cupid mini 12 cm
          Moonbeam Prancer mini 12 cm
          Mini silver moon 9 cm
          Medium Comet 17 cm
          Medium Donna 17cm
          Mini Vixen 13 cm
          Mini Blitzen 13 cm
          Dash Away Mini Dasher 13 cm
          Mini Cupid 13 cm
          Dash Away Mini Comet 13 cm
          Mini Chula Dachshund
          Mini French Bulldog
            Red & green rhinestone Christmas tree brooch
            Christmas tree brooch red/clear/green diamante
            Stocking (large) pin
            Silvertone & clear rhinestone snowflake brooch
            Enamelled snowman brooch
            Christmas tree brooch with white enamel and rhinestones
            Silvertone tree with multi coloured decoration
            Silvertone brooch with red/green dec
            Silvertone Christmas Tree brooch with coloured stones
            Silvertone & diamante large Christmas Tree brooch
            Silver tone Reindeer brooch w diamante
            Red & green stone Christmas tree brooch
            Multicoloured stone Christmas tree brooch
            Christmas tree brooch with clear, pink & purple stones
            Christmas tree brooch with cats
            Silvertone Christmas tree brooch with blue & clear stones
            Santa Claus pin
            Christmas tree brooch with heart shaped clear stones
            Goldtone Christmas tree brooch with clear & red stones
            Goldtone Christmas tree earrings
            Green Christmas Tree earrings with red & clear stones
            Tree earring
            Snowman earrings
            Christmas Tree earrings
        One Hundred 80 degrees
          Snowman hat in gift box
          Santa with sack in gift box
          Santa in gift box
          Snowman & tree in gift box
          4 inch reindeer ornament
          4 inch Moose decoration
          Origami Dove ornament 4 ins
          Red Cardinal bird 4 ins
          Porcelain Snowman ornament 4 ins
          Santa origami ornament 4 ins
          Tumpeter deer ornament
        Fairy lights
          Frosted pendant garland 2.7m
          12 cm clear/silver bauble w 10 lights
          Mistletoe string lights
          Crystal 20 LED string light
          B/O LED lights with stars 20 blue bulbs
          50 LED G14 faceted globe lights multi colour
        Nutcrackers and smokers
          Santa on a sledge
          Small Santa ice bear
          Santa Claus with bells
          Santa Claus varnished
          Santa Claus with wish slip of paper
          Smoker Santa Claus white
          Smoker snowman red
          Smoker Santa Claus
          Nutcracker music box Santa
          Nutcracker Santa Claus with bell
          Nutcracker Drummer red
          Nutcracker King green
          Captain smoker
          Acrylic garland w flowers & berries - oxblood
          90 cm red/white wooden garland
          Gold glitter leaf garland
          Gold metal leaf/flower garland w crystal/pearl
          Holly/twig mini garland 1.8m
          Red and black berry garland 1.8m
          Red loganberry/leaf garland 183 cm
          180cm berry and cone green garland
          50 cm animated reindeer head stocking
          Felt stocking with reindeer head
          Plaid fabric stocking with brown fur fabric top
          Stocking stuff dog/bone 22"
          Partridge Fabric Stocking 40 cm
          Santas winter holiday stocking 40 cm
          Gisela Graham Christmas Shopping Santa Sack 65 cm
          Plush owl stocking
        Wreaths and wallplaques
          Champagne sparkle bell wreath
          Crystalised/snowy twig wreath
          250mm silver jingle bell greeting ring
          Merry Christmas wall plaque
          Fretwork wood "Seven Swans" heart plaque
          Small watch where sign with holly
          Red berry/twig/leaf LED heart wreath
          Eucalyptus/fir/cone garland
          Large snowflake design 46 cm
          Twig heart w pearls/crystals 35 cm
          Red loganberry & leaf wreath 25 cm
          Gisela Graham Snowdrop & twig heart wreath
          Gisela Graham Velvet holly wreath 45 cms
          Lit up red Santa letters
          Gisela Graham Green spiky fir w snowball wreath
          Wood holly wreath w reindeer plaque
          Felt mice in twig wreath
          Angel vine wreath grey ribbon
          60 cm berry and cone green wreath
        Jim Shore
          Disney Traditions
            White woodland fab 5
            Father Christmas Mickey Mouse
            Ohana means family
            Bad Wrap - Stitch with Santa Hat
            Mistletoe Kisses
            Lumiere and plumette figurine
            Ohana means Family
            Keeping Watch
            Clueless Casanova Stitch
            Catch the wave
            Precarious pyramid 7 Dwarves
            Chocolate Delight
            Donald Duck Reigning Royal
            Devilish Delight (Stitch)
            Donald Nutcracker HO
            Minnie Nutcracker HO
            Mickey Nutcracker HO
            Strange Life-forms
            Sugar coated Pluto HO
            Sugar coated Minnie Mouse
            Sugar coated Mickey Mouse HO
            Pixie dusted present
            Stitch O Lantern figurine
            Aristocats Carved by Heart figurine
            Lumiere hanging ornament
            Cant wait to bo king
            Cogsworth hanging ornament
            Homeward Bound
            Free and Fierce (Pocahontas)
            Beauty & Beast hanging ornament
            Eeyore ornament
            Tigger hanging ornament
            Pooh ornament
            Snow White ornament
            Stocking Stuffer
            Dopey ornament
            Bashful ornament
            Doc ornament
            Sleepy ornament
            Sneezy Ornament
            Tis a Splendid Season Mickey
            Love at Pride Rock
            Happy ornament
            Grumpy ornament
          Heartwood Creek
            Rise up this Winter
            Festive Feline Surprises
            Chase a Happy cat
            Twelve days of Joy
            Up to Snow Good
            Snowman and tree gift set
            Offerings from the Heart
            Deliver Cheer
            Black & gold Santa HO
            W Wonderland Santa holly HO
            Santa riding reindeerHO
            Delivering a Merry Christmas
            Christmas is near
            Santa with Holly figurine
            Toyland Santa
            Woodland Santa with deer scene
            White woodland large tree
            Find your Winter Song
          Dr Seuss
            Cat in the hat with umbrella
            Cat in the Hat Stacked
          The Grinch
            Grinch standing in front of sleigh
            Grinch undecorating tree figurine
            Grinch carved by heart figurine
            Grinch stealing candycanes
            Grinch patting Max figurine
            Grinch with lights figurine
            Naughty/Nice Grinch figurine
            Grinch dressed as Santa
            Grinch juggling ornaments
            Sneaky Grinch figurine
            Grinch/Max/Cindy decorating tree
            Stacked Grinch characters
            Grinch string ornaments HO
            Grinch and Max figurine
            Grinch as Santa
            Grinch holding tree HO
            Naughty Nice Grinch with sign
            Grinch holding Cindy Lou
            Grinch holding present HO
            Two sided Naughty Nice Grinch
            Grinch Stealing Tree
            Grinch climbing in Chimney
            Grinch tip toeing wigh bag of gifts
            Grinch with Cindy and Max on lap
        Table top decorations
          Stocking holder
            Gold metal stocking holder w reindeer
            Gold metal stocking holder w Santa on deer
            Santa stocking hanger
            Santa on chimney resin stocking hanger
          Light up decorations
            Child & gift LED 14 cm
            White iced gingerbread house with lights
            White Xmas scene 18.5 cm
            Snowy street lanteren w sman/tree/bear b/o
            Clear acrylic penguin duo on frosted base
            TBLPC Lit nativity angel 23 cm.
            Electric nativity dome 21cm
            Lit snowman with kid 23 cm
            Candle light with star 12.4 cm
            385mm snowfrosted tree - LED light
            Landscape deer light box
            Acrylic snowman 25.5 cm
            BO LED gift with scene
            16 cm acrylic house
          Advent calendars
            Red/White advent stocking 81 cm
            Wax tealight advent
            Red/green/white wood hexagon advent box w tree
            Flower Forest resin Santa30cm
            Santa/snowman in car
            Santa LED 20.5 cms
            Santa riding a swan
            Santa on moon LED frosty
            Balance santa on Reindeer
            Ceramic LED Nordic Santa orn small
            Toadstool Santa resin orn 32 cm
            Red Rose ceramic Santa orn
            Christmas Sleigh - small
            Tin cone Santa orn large
            Tin cone Santa orn small
            37 cm acrylic white Santa
            Santa holding dog tablepiece 19.5 cm
            Santa in sleigh pendulum
            Tin Santa on sports car
            Santa Pendulum
            Sounds and Sights sure to Delight
            Swan w crown music dome 100mm
            Teddy on tartan parcel music dome
            Fantasy Animals leopard music dome
            Fantasy Animals unicorn music dome 100 mm
            Gingerbread house music dome
            Gingerbread man mini dome
            Santa in car mini dome 45 mm
            Old Time Snta resin/glass med dome
            Santa w tree LED medium dome
            Robin medium dome
            Nordic scene in glass snowdome LED orn
            Santa on chimney mini dome
            Shining Sprite
            Sweet Traditions
            Gisela Graham Poinsettia Fairy shelf sitter
            125mm acrylic love letters
            Gisela Graham Gingerbread place mat
            Acrylic bear (2) 15cm
            Rabbit family
            Bottle topper cream snowman 6"
            Wooden rocking horse
            Btltpr frst snwmn dad 8.5"
            Victorian harvest theme salt & pepper
            30 pcs wood star scatters
            Gisela Graham Antique Silver standing reindeer orn 23 cm
            Clear acrylic sitting/standing reindeer
            Deer votive holder 15 cm
            Acrylic deer 23 cm
            30 cm acrylic/metal standing deer candle holder
            Bambi lying with animals frosty
            17 cm clear iridescent standing reindeer
            12 cm clear iridescent sitting reindeer
            Tablepiece crystal deer
            Forest deer 15.2 cm
            Gold/ivory deer 23.5 cm
            Porcelain sitting reindeer 14.6cm
            Nativity Cross
            set of 3 Wise Men - medium
            Set of 6 medium Nativity figures
            Set of 6 Nativity figures
            Set of 3 Wise Men - large
            Large nativity village scene illuminated.
            Wooden crib scene
            Large nativity scene with door
            Nativity scene with door
            Natural nativity scene - small
            Medium nativity scene
            Small nativity with lantern
            Set of 6 nativity pieces - medium
            Angel and camels
            Shepherd and sheep
            Large nativity scene with arch
            Nativity scene med
            Large rustic nativity scene
            Nativity scene with window
            Medium nativity scene with figures
            Nativity Christmas sign
            Landscape kit for nativity scene
            set of 6 small nativity figures 3.5 cm
            Set of 6 small sheep
            3 wise men small 3.5 cms
            Nativity scene with working fountain
            Nativity scene large
            Nativity scene medium
            Nativity scene small
            White ceramic nativity nite lite
            Nativity cloisonne s7 9"
            Nativity set 17.5 cms
            Water Globe Sleigh Ride
            Water Globe Snowman
            Santa sleigh musical carousel
            Holiday Treasures snowman
            Music nativity 10 cm
            TBLPC Holyfamily/angel 11"
            TBLPC cone angel 40.5 cm
            27 cm angel with decor & candle holder
            Glass jewel striped skirt angel orn 15 cm
            Tablepiece angel with star
            Tablepiece angel and boy 8.5"
            Cream/gold angel orn large
            Acrylic angels 3 ast
            TBLPC angel and girl 8.75"
            TBLPC angel with star 9"
          Candle holders
            Woodland sleeved glass beaker trees
            Woodland tealight holder copper reindeer
            Woodland tealight holder copper straight trees
            Woodland tealight holder copper with fox
            Hurricane light Xmas tree
            Peacock glass/diamante nite lite
            Glass nite lite pot with robins
            Pnsta tlite Santa
            Gisela Graham Antique silver reindeer candle arch
            Church tealight 17 cms
            Santa tealight 13.5 cm
            Snowman tealight 14 cm
            Gold deer house lantern
            Silver deer house lantern
            Clear crystal pillar candle holder 12 cm
            Clear crystal pillar candle holder 17 cm
            Silver glass tealightholder mirror large
            Silver glass tealight mirror small
            Gold dusted glass nite lite with robins
            Woodland sleeved glass beaker 9 cm
            Gingerbread house nightlight 16 cm
            T light Hly family scene 7.5"
            Blue/white glass street scene T-lite pot small
            Blue/white glass street scene T-lite pot large
            Gold resin partridge candle stick 24 cms
            Glass nite lite pot with frost twig/berry
            15 cm white polar bear mountain tealight
            Reindeer silhouette lantern
            5 cm silver Merry Christmas t light holder
          Trinket boxes
            Partridge trinket box 12 cm
            Poinsetta Princess trinket box 14 cm
            Tree cat box
          Christmas trees
            Bead/sequin tree 33 cm
            Pastel crystal silver coil tree 23 cm
            Glass tree with clear baubles w snowballs
            Acrylic tree with LED light 35.5 cm
            32 cm wooden Christmas tree decoration
            Resin/wire farmhouse tree with animals
            Metal holly tree nightlight 21 cm
            Deco glass silver tree baubles medium
            Deco green glass tree multi bauble w hearts small
            Gold/white bauble tree
            11" Christmas Tree green/red
            Crystal ball mini Xmas tree
            44 cm 12 days of Christmas tree
            30 cm Christmas tree with star
            White tree & silver bauble
          Angel Chimes
            Carousel jumbo tealights box 6
            Angel chimes with 4 candles Brass
            Light bell roundabout with 4 candles
            Angel chimes replacement candles box 20
            8 x 13 cm b/o led swing wax candle
            8 x 15 cm b/o led swing wax candle
            Frosted taper candle
          Gift boxes
            Heart shaped Christmas box large
            Heart shaped Christmas box medium
            Heart shaped Christmas box small
            Paper/ribbon gift box square ex large
            Paper/ribbon gift box square large
            Paper/ribbon gift box square medium
            Paper/ribbon gift box square small
            Paper giftbox Xmas square large
            Paper giftbox Xmas square medium
            Paper gift box Xmas square small
            Nesting boxes set of 3 Roadside Christmas
            Bird trio sitting
            Silver/white resin pair of ducks orn
            13 cm Robn bird
            21 cm candle holder w robin & tealight
            Coloured resin swan with babiesorn
            Bibbidi Bobbidi Yule
            Acrylic snowman and tree with LED light
            Glass snowman
            16 cm Snowman w bird
            Snowman pendulum
            Christmas by the Sea
        Tree ornaments
            Santa/birch orn
            Polyresin wood Santa 10.5 cm
            Tin Santa on trolley
            Rocket Santa blue
            Santa sitting on moon
            Resin Santa on reindeer orn
            Mini Santa figure 2 ast 6 cm
            Santa in sleigh orn
            Santa in hot air balloon orn
            Santa orn 8.5 cms
            Santa orn with Christmas tree
            Santa and snowman in plane
            Tin Santa acrobats
            Santa on parachute
            Santa in train
            75mm Santa on a motorbike
          Glassware Art studio
            King Santa
            Santa in convertible
            Rocking Horse with gifts
            Neptune Santa
            Snowman with pile of packages
            Santa with sack of wreaths
            Forest Santa
            Santa on a seahorse
            Snowman on Polar Bear
          Egyptian baubles
            Bouquet 8 cm multi
            Mistral 10 cm red
            Bouquet 8cm red band
            Jubilee 4 cm
            Winter magic amber
            Art deco 8 cm silver/clear
            Cascade 8 cm gold/amber
            Pearl 8 cm
            Kisses 8 cm silver
            Victorian gems red
            Mushroom red
            Egg - jewel spiral green
            Sophia green
            Sophia red
            Posy gold 4 cm
            Twizzle green
            Fig green
            Fig gold
            Forever 8 cm red/gold
            Moose orn 11 cm
            75" white metal swirl w acrylic drop
            Snowman orn 10 cm
            Happy Holidays sign with pad
            Happy Holidays family sign with pad
            Snowman paddling
            Penguin with Christmas tree
            Snow reindeer with gift
            Reindeer gold
            Resin swan with wreath
            Metallic fox bauble
            White resin unicorn dec
            Resin/crown Dachshund dec
            Wool dec 11 cm Alan ballerina pig
            Resin/fabric Alice dec
            Resin Neptune dec
            Resin/diamante lion head dec
            Resin/diamante hummingbird dec
            Resin/diamante bumble bee dec
            10 cm polyresin tree with cat on top
            80mm polyresin dog
            Photo frame snowman 8.9 cm
            Tin mica snow 12 cm
            5" resin LED ice castle orn
            4" B/O colour change LED black lantern
            5" resin mermaid orn
            88" snowflake princess disc
            5" resin pegasus/unicorn orn
            5" 11th Dr Who & sonic screwdriver
            Red sequin feather mask
            Fretwork wood holly wreath dec
            Resin gingerbread pudding dec 7 cm
            Jewel ornament iridescent 20 cm
            Fishing boat orn blue-brown15 cm
            Jewel snowflake gold-multi 15cm
            Jewel tree gold multi 26 cm
            Jewel snowflake red 11 cm
            11 cm glass pinecone with squirrel
            Child decorating tree light topper
            3D porcelain/metal orn wreath
            3D porcelain/metal orn dove
            3D porcelain/metal orn reindeer
            Stained glass silver snowflake Xmas scene
            Stained glass silver snowflake snowman
            Dragon orn green/brown 40 cm
            Horse orn 10 cm
            Snowman on parachute
            Wool mix mermaid mouse dec
            Mixed wool brown teddy w coat/tree dec
            Mice in shoe dec
            Resin mouse in matchbox orn
          Baubles - luxury
            Transparent & gold 80mm bauble
            Green and gold glass bauble 80mm
            Matt red bauble w Santa & tree dec
            Blue bauble with green/white glitter & diamante
            Satin effect bauble with silver glitter/diamante snowflake
            Green glass bauble w gold glitter & bobbles
            Matt blue baubles with blue/green irid decoration
            Transparent gold bauble w blue glitter & red diamante
            Graduated turquoise glass ball w turquoise glitter
            Cream matt 80mm bauble w blue glitter snowflakes
            Red shiny bauble with red glitter & black dots
            Pale blue matt bauble w gold glitter
            Smoke 80mm bauble w blue glitter & irid dots
            Copper graduated glass 80mm bauble w irid stones
            Burgundy bauble with gold/black decoration 80mm
            Red and gold dimpled bauble 100mm
            Burgundy glass bauble with gold glitter flower pattern
            Gold and black bauble with tree pattern 80 mm
            Flattened glass bauble with 3 d village scene 80mm
            Black bauble with multi coloured glitter 100mm
            Matt silver bauble with silver and iridescent glitter dec 80 mm
            Silver/pink/violet/ green/blue bauble
            White bauble with black & silver glitter & red diamante branch dec
            Pastel rainbow bauble with silver glitter stripe
            White bauble with pencil/yellow village scene 80mm
            Gannet bauble
            Dolphins bauble
            Puffins bauble
            Landscape - pencil & colour
            Cherry red bauble with gold glitter stripe pattern
            Flattened glass bauble with robin
            White glass bauble with river scene 100 mm
            Red bauble with gold glitter scallop pattern 80mm
            Blue & white bauble with Santa & sack
            Cream bauble with hand painted hummingbird
            Turquoise and gold bauble
            White bauble with 3 snowmen
            Glass bauble with campervan and tree dec
            Glass bauble with village scene through window 100 mm
            White glass ball with tree pattern
            Turquoise & white swirl bauble 80mm
            Egg shaped hanging ornament with chicken dec
            Clear glass ball with white lace pattern 80 mm
            Red/green rhinestone bauble
            Pink champagne swirl bauble
            Flattened glass bauble with cat decoration 100mm
            Flattened glass bauble with fox
            Flattened glass bauble with owl design
            Flattened glass bauble with robins 100 mm
            Flattened glass bauble with bees 100 mm
            Flattened glass bauble with bird
            Silver metallic bauble with stag silhouette
            Blue glass bauble with blue crush 80 mm
            Clear glass bauble wth Santa in sleigh scene 100 mm
            Matt red bauble with gold/white decoration
            Smoke glass bauble with nylon pattern
            White bauble with red/green pattern 80mm
            Graduated blue glass bable with snowy church scene 100 mm
            White bauble with snowman 80 mm
            Glass bauble with painted house scene
            White bauble with Santa and snowman 100mm
            Turquoise bauble turquoise glitter & diamante 80 mm
            White bauble gold glitter red diamante 80 mm
            Red bauble with champagne & black glitter snowflake pattern 80mm
            Yellow bauble with gold glitter 80 mm
            Red bauble with olive glitter & purple diamante 80mm
            Lilac bauble with lilac glitter 80 mm
            Blue/turquoise/lime green bauble 80 mm
            Red bauble with green glitter & yellow diamante
            Light green bauble w gold glitter & pearls 80 mm
            Blue & white bauble with snowman dec 100mm
            Silver bauble with silver glitter & diamante flowers 80mm
            Red bauble with green-gold pattern 80mm
            Cherry red baubles with red gliter & irid dot dec 80mm
            Matt red bauble with silver glitter & diamante 80mm
            Mint green baubles with green & white glitter decoration 80mm
            Turquoise bauble with dimple
            Matt white bauble with cottage in snow scene 100mm
            White bauble with birdhouse decoration 100mm
            Matt white bauble with red stars 80mm
            Navy blue bauble with silver dec 80mm
            Pink 80 mm bauble with dragonfly dec
            White bauble with hand painted Santa in a camper van 80 mm
            Jewel ball green 7 cm
            Formed ball
            Gold and turquoise Polish egg
            Gold/burgundy bauble
            Decorated gold glass egg
            Bronze coloured bauble with colorful glitters
            Jewelled heart ornament
            Orn bead dangle with flower 9"
            Pink trumpet flower w glitter
            brown trumpet flower w glitter
            Gold trumpet flower w glitter
            Hanging orn. pink spiral
            Cirque resin/fabric angel dec, lrge 24cm
            Mini angel with sparkles red
            Mini angel with sparkles gold
            Cone angel Gladys with stack of gifts
            8 cm purple angel/balloon skirt/purple glitter bands/gold edge
            Small flying angel hangers
            Orn glass angel 4.25"
            Gisela Graham Victorian angel velvet/bead dress dec 23 cm
            Clear glass angel icicle
            Tall glass angel with lace
          Decorations for baby
            Clear glass/gold glitter Babys 1st Xmas ball
            Wood rocking horse decoration
            Santa on Moon ornament
            Toy soldier ornament
            Snowman white ornament
            Sack red with snowman ornament
            Believe in the magic of Christmas unicorn plaque
            Seasons tweetings robin hanging plaque
            Merry Christmas fox & presents hanging dec
            Let it snow penguin hanging dec
            Red fox snowdome bauble
            Santa in plane orn
            Santa on sled orn
            Santa Claus in truck orn
            Santa Claus in Reindeer sled ornament
            Christmas Tree ornament
            Cuckoo Clock ornament
            Snowman in arch decoration
            Helmsman ornament
            Snowman with candy cane
            Advent wreath ornament
            Snowman ornament
            Cuckoo clock red with Snowman ornament
            Elk with Santa ornament
            Elk with Snowman ornament
            Snowman with besom ornament
            Tree with Santa ornament
            Moon with pipe ornament
            Bead star 34 cm
            Snowflake orn 11.5 cm
            White acrylic butterfly 20 cm
            Snowflake tassel 12 cm
            dangle orn 16 cm
            Clear acrylic pony
            Ayc reindeer 7"
            Shiny white resin dressed penguin
            Rainbow iridescent acrylic unicorn dec
            Snowflake clear hangers
            Acrylic holly wreath dec, 13 cm
            Gold/foil/bead acrylic hummingbird dec
            Fuchsia/foil/bead acrylic hummingbird dec
            Green/multi foil/bead acrylic hummingbird dec
            White/gold flying resin unicorn dec
            Rainbow acrylic hummingbird dec
            Clear/gold glitter acrylic hummingbird dec
            Amber acrylic hummingbird dec
            Glacier acrylic icicle
            Shiny clr shoe w/gold glitter
            Acrylic flowers deco iridescent 16 cm
            13 cm glitter snowflake - iridescent
            Small beaded icicle
            10 cm acrylic 3 kings
          Glass hanging decorations
            Enchanted Forest squirrel Christmas decoration
            Small iridescent glass tree, blue & silver beads 7 cm
            Small iridescent glass tree, dark green & silver beads 7 cm
            4 cm clear glass star pearls beaded
            10cm 3 tier cake white/blue/red bows icing
            Gold nautilus shell dec
            Gold cockle shell orn
            Glass bird in wreath
            Small red glass star clear/red/beads
            Glass ivory bird clip
            Snowy owl bauble
            Large red glass bird
            Silver glass hanger plated w flower box of 2
            Oyster on half shell
            Telephone booth
            Glass joy/noel 2.5-3"
            Orn colourful glass bird
            Small iridescent glass tree, clear/silver beads
            Large shiny silver glass heart
            Clear w small blue beads/dropper
            Painted glass reindeer
            Painted glass rocking horse 11 cm
            Glass snowman with red hat orn
            Orn snowman icicle (3) 8.5"
            Pastel ribbed shell w diamante
            Cream/gold glass swan w pearls
            Gold glass sun/moon disc
            Painted glass bumble bee large
            Orn bird w jewels 1.75"
            orn glass bird 3.5"
            Gold glitter mermaid bauble
            Mother and child penguins
            Small irridescent glass tree, red/silver beads
            Small clear glass star, blue/silver beads
            Glass bird 20 cm
            Cardinal on bell 12 cm
            Black/irid glass bird 21.6 cm
            Small hanging penguin
            Hanging glass owl
            Clear glass finial with white glitter dec
            Elongated glass baubles with natural decoration
            11 cm glass brown owl sat on branch
            Clear lustre robin
            Tall painted glass cat w hat dec
            Glass ball w/jute net blue 9cm
            Glass ball w/jute net green 6 cm
            Glass snowman white 13 cm
            Glass skate shape stocking orn
            Brown froz 2 piece cone hanger
            Glass teddy bear
            Glass butterfly
            Glass playing cards
            Polish glass Humming bird
            Heart white & blue
            Motorcycle with gifts
            Glass candy 5 cm
            Black & silver 80 mm bauble
            Matt gold glass ball with 3-D star band
            Matt red ball with robin & blue tit
            Ribbed glass peacock ball
            8 cm Christmas pudding dec
            Santa feeding seagull bauble
            Blue opaque glass ball w gold stars toppings
            Pale gold glass ball w multicolour parrots
            Matt red glass ball w leaves/white berries
            Clear bauble with white daisy & red diamante 80 mm
            Peacock feather scalloped glass ball 80 mm
            8 cm crackle ball peacock green
            8 cm crackle ball red
            Winter Forest Christmas bauble
            White silver wire/mesh fairy dec 21 cm
            Eucalyptus resin/fabric fairy dec large
            Eucalyptus resin/fabric fairy medium
            Eucalyptus resin/fabric fairy small
            Lge beaded dbl wing sage ribbon/sage/sil/metal
            Full beaded wing/lilacs/lilac feathers
            Lge beaded double wing rainbow
            Sideways feather/beaded fairy pink/silver
            Wing white, silver dots/skirt white/pink rosebuds
            Red/gold resin/fabric fairy
          Tree toppers
            Burgundy ice angel
            Burgundy Angel tree topper 40.5 cm
            Christmas Arts & Crafts resin tree top fairy
            Porcelain/feather/fur angel Topper
            Cabbage angel 29 cm
            Angel 30.5 cm
            Christmas Rose resin/fabric tree top fairy
            Fairy Princess resin/fabric tree topper 27 cm.
            Resin/peacock feather tree topfairy
            Secret Garden tree top angel
            Orn ice star gold angel 10"
            Gold curly vine angel 25.4cm
            Fairy tree topper 40 cm
          Komozja glass ornaments
            Rocking horse with toys
            Hairy bear
            Santa with packets
            12 days of Christmas hinged egg
            Windswept Santa
            Seahorse Glitter
            Disneys Donald Duck
            Disneys Mickey Gloss
            Disneys Minnie gloss
            Mice on a mushroom
            Cinderella collection
            Nutcracker hinged egg w tree
            Landscape hinged egg w tree
            Hinged egg w tree
            Christmas tree with instruments
            Hybrid moon
            Lady snowman
            Rural House
          Padstow Bauble
            Padstow Obby Oss bauble
            Padstow harbour winter 10 cm
            Oss Oss bauble
            Padstow harbour with Santa in sleigh 80mm bauble
            Padstow May Day bauble
            Padstow Summer scene bauble
            Hand painted bauble - Padstow harbour
        Luville Collectables
          Landscape scenery
            Bristle tree pack
            Stone Bridge
            Santa and reindeer flying around
            Fox scenery
            Dogs teasing Santa
            Melty the snowman
            Anna and Mr Snowman
            Luville Swinging Santa
            Santa with Deer
            Santa feeds Rudolph
            Seagulls and Pierre Avernes in the harbour
            Luville Donkey Farm
            Peintre Artistique
            Luville beach houses
            Yacht club
            St Francis Monastery
            Hotel Chez Geraldine
            Antiquaire Angelique
            Draveils Watermill
            Luville White Stone Windmill
            Restaurant Eating Time
            Luville Cerele Nautic Honfleur
            Fish store Chez Pierre
        Gisela Graham
          Opaque glass gingerbread house nite lite pot
          Clear glass ball with blue/gold seaweed
          Snowy snowdrop bunch
          Folk wood Santa
          Gisela Graham Clear Acrylic wire/holly wreath
          Wood Santa train dec
          Painted glass dachshund
          Painted glass owl
          Red berry/green leaf tree in pot 40 cm
          Felt Santa dec
          Gold brushed/holly glass nite lite small 11x9 cm
          Flat glass Bambi disc 100mm
          Cirque Resin Unicorn dec Lrge 13cm
          Cotton plum pudding oven glove
          Resin/fabric ballerina mouse
          Resin zebra on wheels orn
          Winter Lodge resin Santa on sledge dec
          Tin cone New England Santa
          Clear glass heart w diamante edge
          Tin forest folk fox dec
          Clear glass ball with white trees/stag design 80 mm
          Resin Polar bear on cotton reel
          Fretwork wood Seven Swans heart dec
          Resin snowball with robin dec
          Resin/peacock feather fairy dec
          Resin silver/white princess on stag dec
          Clear green glass ball w gold leaf trellis
          Clear glass ball w gold band/red stars
          Resin regal stag orn large
          Cow jumps over the moon resin dec
          Painted glass/glitter fox/tree ball
          Resin swan w gold tassel dec
          Wood robins/trees in glass dome
          Matt teal/gold glitter glass ball w swans 8 cm
          Old time Christmas tin heart w holly pattern
          Resin robin with crown dec
          Resin/peacock feather fairy dec large
          Resin regal stag with crown small
          Multi peacock/gold glitter snowflake w jewel
          Nutcracker King Rat resin dec
          Gold/silver wood nutcracker orn
          Resin animal stack
          Wood deer head/tees string garland
          Green bristle tree w red bells on log
          Red acrylic humming bird
          Resin Santa w bucket dec
          Resin Cheshire cat dec
          Sugar Plum fairy resin/fabric dec
          Patchwork fabric/feather grouse orn
          Painted glass Santa on a scooter
          Multi colour jewel/metal leaf drop dec
          Resin lion on cushion dec
          Resin horse chess piece
          Gold wire spiral tree w crystal 23 cm
          Clear/opaque acrylic stag orn 28 cm
          Crystal bird dec
          Cream/gold resin penguin
          Resin hare with tartan scarf
          Clear/silver glass angel w white feathers
          Gold/cream resin reindeer dec
          Clear glas ball w green/bead fir/berries
          resin standing stag w animals
          Tartan resin/fabric fairy
          Resin stag w tartan scarf orn
          Silver glitter cone fir garland 120 cm40340
          Gold glitter acrylic mini holly garland
          Gold fabric/resin ballerina fairy large
          White resin rabbit w eucalyptus/blueberries
          Wool mix white mouse red jumper dec
          Wooden soldier 13 cm
          Painted glass Santa in Apollo ship 12 cm
          Red tin tall thin Santa 22 cm
          Wooden Merry Christmas plaque
          Wood LED reindeer head orn
          Resin toadstool fairy
          Resin/fabric Hellebore tree top fairy orn small
          Resin/fabric Hellebore tree top fairy orn large
          Resin white rabbit w watch dec
          Regal resin/fabric/jewel tree top angel large
          Wood nutcracker orn 2 ast
          Cream/gold filigree resin stag orn
          Resin dolphin dec
          Resin Neptune in wire ring dec
          Resin/diamante glorious swan dec
          Resin/diamante unicorn head dec
          White/gold resin/metal swan w pink diamante dec
          Resin crocodile dec
          Resin/jewel unicorn dec
          Resin zebra dec
          Resin parrot/toucan on candleabra dec 2 ast
          Sheer irid dress/resin fairy dec
          Gold resin reindeer w diamante collar
          Angels a la mode on sweet 4 asst
          Printed wood New England fox dec large
          Wool mix deer w coat/scarf/twig antlers
          Wool mix white princess mouse/yellow crown dec
          Wool mix grey penguin in tutu
          Wool mix pig in tutu w pearls dec
          Wool mix unicorn fairy dec
          Wool mix white mouse on skis dec
          Wool mix white mouse/red jumper/book dec
          Resin Puss in boots dec
          Pink fabric/resin ballerina fairy
          Resin Mad Hatter dec
          Etched glass gold/red ball 11cm
          Silver coil mini tree w crystals
          Resin/fabric vintage Christmas tree top angel
          Resin/sheer Peacock tree top angel
          Resin Regal angel dec
          Wood Vintage Christmas double bird dec
          Wood bambi deer dec 12 cm
          Felt bambi deer dec
          Felt Scottie dog
          Glitter Union flag ball 80 mm
          Clear squirrel on snowflake dec
          Silver resin/fabric fairy dec
          Matt gold glass ball w jeweled holly 80mm
          Resin robin on metal bell dec
          Wool mix round penguin with scarf
          London scene tin heart dec
          Tin fox on log/wire swing dec
          Plaid wood Santa moon head 10 cm
          Wood robin on log w bells
          Nutcracker resin/turq fabric ballerina dec 17 cm
          Resin White Rabbit dec
          Resin Alice in Wonderland dec
          Clear ball w multi colour bugle beads 80mm
          White bisque ceramic heart ball
          Glittered glass penguin 7 cm
          Pastel wood Easter dec box of 18
          PM spotty/floral egg
          Tin egg container with goose/w can
          Felt fretwork yellow chick dec
          Ceramic egg W bunny dec
          Feather chick w flower headband
          Flat wood Easter nest w eggs dec
          Wool mix goose dec
          Antiqued w brushed gold egg dec
          Lavender ceramic hen egg cup
          Wool mix brown bunny w tulip dec
          Wool mix white mouse w daffodil dec
          Felt multi chick egg dec
          Faux meadow flowers wreath
          Faux meadow flower garland
          Pastel wood Easter Dec (box of 12)
          Blue/white resin/glass hen snowdome
          Matt/glitter gold egg dec, bag of10
          Wool mix brown bunny w carrot
          Yellow/white egg dec bag of 10
          Wood bee/buttercup garland
          Glass bee hive dec
          Mixed wool ladybird w flower dec
          Mixed wool rabbit in yellow dress
          Mixed wool egg w sheep dec
          Ceramic egg/butterfly design
          Ceramic yellow chick dec
          Gold resin rabbit orn large
          Gold resin hen orn large
          White fabric floral/twig wreath
          Black fluffy wood sheep dec
          Tin basket with goose/watering can
          Set of 3 musical chickens
          Chicken with wagon
          Bunny with butterfly
          Ducks near the flower ornament
          Rabbit in egg ornament
          Bunny in sailcar
          Brown rabbits near eggs ornament
          White rabbit near eggs ornament
          Bird in egg ornament
          X Father Christmas model
          X Snowmans Greetings model
          Snowtime plaque
          X Christmas in the pots vase 7/3
          X Christmas in the pots vase 72/6
          X Christmas in the pots tray 780/4
          Mistletoe Memories vase 82/8
          Glass pearl/jewel shell orn
          Glass pearl/jewel seahorse orn
          Metallic frog
          Metallic open shell with pearl
          Metallic sequinned jellyfish orn
          Baroque mermaid in seahorse sleigh
          Baroque mermaid in shell boat
          Glass & tinsel Xmas octopus ornament
          Glass/fabric Xmas seahorse
          Glass flying pig orn
          Mushroom elf on bird
          Mushroom boy on moon
          Jewel flying unicorn orn 9 cm
          Wire jewel grasshopper on clip orn gld 18 cm
          Glass Santa with Forest Friends orn 15 cm
          Metal jewel butterfly orn
          Fabric sequin mermaid tail stocking gold 45 cm
          Snow Queen on deer orn
          Wire jewel open wing bug on clip
          Glitter disc/sequin twig stem sil/champ
          Nautical ship moon orn 18 cm
          British Punk fish orn
          Glass glitter ice cream cone
          Iridescent foil shell icicle 35.5 cm
          Glass glitter seahorse orn white
          Glass glitter beehive orn gold 9 cm
          Peacock napkin ring gold
          Glass jewel Santa with animals
          Glass sequin reflector ball green
          Gold coloured pheasant 36 cm
          Arctic frozen seahorse orn
          Wire jewel pearl octopus
          Glass pearl jewel hermit crab in shell orn
          Arctic moon orn
          Wire jewel pearl crab orn
          Glitter mermaid with pearl
          Glass Christmas van ornament
          Leaf covered hedgehog orn
          Fabric/sequin big wing fairy
          Jewel butterfly mask
          Metal jewel crown orn 11 cm
          Glass dangle balls icicle 25 cm
          Swan dangle orn white/gold
          Metal and crystal open star orn
          Neptune moon orn silver/green 13 cm
          Glass glitter peacock finial orn
          Glass iridescent bead ball with 2 hooks 8 cm
          Glass iridescent ball with 2 hooks 8 cm
          Glass ball with 2 hooks clear 12 cm
          Glass glitter ball with 2 hooks 12 cm
          Glass twist middle dot icicle 35 cm
          Glass wrap stripe icicle 30 cm
          Wire jewel hummingbird orn
          Wire jewel grape bunch orn
          Metal jeweled lobster orn
          Cube foil icicle dangle orn
          Crab gold
          Mermaid w shell dec
          Textured twist helix icicle orn
          Glass spirals icicle gold/silver
          Metal Winter Castle birdcage orn
          The Majestic Moose
          The Polar Duchess
          Nativity (set of 4)
          Friends Support Friends
          I Love You
          Tools of Love
          The Peaceful King
          Babys 1st
          You Go Girl!
          Peaceful Kingdom Llama
          Its a wrap ornament
          Paws & Enjoy ornament
          Cat Calls ornament
          Life is what you bake it
          Angel of Hearts orn
          Cat Lady ornament
          Tea for three ornament
          Guardian Peace ornament
          And this little Piggy
          Give a dog a bone
        Possible Dreams
          Snow Buddies
          Deerest Santa
          Gingerbread Train
          Cinderella Tree topper
          Belle tree topper
          Naughty or Nice? Grinch
          Holiday shoppers.
          Visiting Santa
          Wild animals
          Present procession
          Green trash can
          Telephone booth
          Victorian mailboxes
          Water fountain
          Flower bed boxes
          Park bench in Winter
          Cone shaped & sculpted topiaries
          Park bench
          Going to church
          Merry mailbox
          Christmas Party
          Santa feeds reindeer
          Singing carols
          Presents from Santa
          Play with me
          Reindeer goodies
          Taking a break
          Under the mistletoe
          Costumed canines
          Street sweeper
          Fresh baked goodies
          The sign painter
          The Postman
          Dad and fawns
          Prancing reindeer
          Mr & Mrs moose
          Woodland animals
          Feed for the horses
          The good shepherd
          Untangling the lights
          Skateboard Santa
          Chocolate to go
          Santa skier
          Dapper and debonair snowman
          Mrs Claus cookies
          Christmas Tree
          Santa Claus
          The Secret Santa Christmas Shoppe
          Kringles cottage
          Power adaptor 4.5V white
          Village tree
          Victorian skaters
          Yuletide carousel
          All Ye Faithful church
          Sea Spray sailing school
          High rock lake trailer
          Super bright multi colour flashing light
          Christmas Moon
          Tire swing twirl
          A Christmas Eve balloon ride
          New majestic Christmas Tree
          North Pole Tower
          Kids playing
          Reindeer grooming barn
          Bells Gourmet Popcorn Factory
          Four LED light string moonlander
          Evergreen tree clear
          Evergreen tree
          Plaza Fence
          Mountain pine, large
          Cocoa while were waiting
          Snug Harbor lighthouse
          Stephanies sweet shoppe
          North Pole observatory
          Gas lantern street lamp
          Split rail footbridge
          Snowball surprise
          Glad Tidings pub
          Romantic campfire
          Santa Claus is coming to town
          New friends to play with
          Santas sleigh
          Round spot light
          Frolic in the snow
          Angels wings
          Christmas Tree wagon
          Tannenbaum Christmas Shoppe
          Santas workshop
          Brick and pebble roads
          Old English street lamp
          Green Willow, large
          Curious bunnies
          Grillin & Chillin
          Brewers Wagon
          Feeding deer
          2m x 150mm powder blue/irid wide tinsel
          2m x 100mm tricolour Cornish tinsel
          Gold resin shells nite lite
          Poinsetta boxed candle pot small
          Plum pudding boxed candle small
          Red berry boxed candle pot small
          Regal birds boxed candle pot small
          Regal birds boxed candle pot large
          Plum pudding bone china mug
          Plum pudding bone china jug small
          Ceramic mini mug with plum pudding
          Ceramic mini mug with Robin
          Ceramic mini jug with robin
          Ceramic mini jug with plum pudding

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